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Below is an example of a short argumentative essay When you write an argumentative essay, you don`t seem shy or insecure. Whatever you do, don`t play on both sides, otherwise you may seem weak and indecisive. You have to choose sides and have confidence in the points you raise. . To make sure you write a good argumentative essay, read the different types of examples mentioned in this blog. As a middle school student, you have to ask yourself how we write an argumentative essay? And how can you support your argument? For university students, argumentative dissertation topics are usually not provided. You are forced to research the topic yourself and write accordingly. In addition, students are considered good at writing a high-quality argumentative essay. This is because teachers automatically assume that they have written essays since middle school.

It aims to convince the reader to accept a certain point of view. Facts and logical analogies will serve as heart and soul for an argumentative essay, from beginning to end. You need to address the other side of the argument in your essay so that you can counter it. The whole mission of argumentative essay is to provide a solid argument for your side, and nothing makes a stronger argument than knowing what the other side thinks. This means being prepared with the counterclaim and having a strong rebuttal to prove that your argument is stronger. This requires more good research. Extensive research goes a long way in creating a good argumentative essay. The more you study, the wider your horizon will be, and you will have just as much evidence to support it. Write a formal conclusion for your essay and summarize all the key elements of your essay.

Take a look at the example mentioned below to understand the concept more clearly. High school students are not aware of all the skills required to write research papers and essays. Especially when it comes to argumentative essays, it becomes quite a challenge for high schools to defend their argument Writing essays is usually a tiring and time-consuming task. Students already have a number of assignments to complete for other subjects. In this situation, the best choice is to seek help from professional writers. If you are a student and would like to write an argumentative essay, read the examples below. Focus on the formatting and vocabulary used. The conclusion of a five-paragraph essay repeats all the important elements of an argumentative essay. He also repeats the statement of the theses with a more convincing choice of words.

Read them and try to understand how to write an effective argumentative essay on such a topic. The argument is presented in the plural in the first-person dialogues, but reflects part of a larger argument rather than the essay. To start an example of an argumentative essay, you need to write a short and engaging introduction. It is written to convince the reader and get them to understand your point of view. Here are some questions: Should schools postpone their start time? Should every student be served a healthy breakfast? Do you like the color black or blue? Place your order now at and have your trial run by one of our essay writing experts. Go through the following examples and I hope you will be able to write an effective argumentative essay very easily. The models for writing an argumentative essay are the classic model, the Roger model and the Toulmin model. Argumentative essays are one of the most common types of essay writing. Students are invited to write such essays very frequently. For an argumentative essay, there is no specific limit to the number of words.

It is enough to convince the readers and pass on the knowledge of the writer to the target group. After that, the student must choose the model he would follow to write this type of essay. Follow the steps of the chosen template and start writing the essay. If there is more than one opinion, an argumentative essay on the subject can be written. Below are examples of argumentative essays on immigration. For the college level, it is recommended to use plain language and avoid the use of complex words in essays. If you are an O-level student, the following examples will help you write an argumentative essay. At, we have a large team of highly skilled essay writers.

We can help you write the best academic essay, including argumentative, descriptive, persuasive essays, etc. Here`s another example to help you write an effective argumentative essay. The traditional argumentative essay scheme for the 5-paragraph essays consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion: “Last week`s first objections came from the National Organization for Women and the New York Civil Liberties Union, both of which opposed the opening of TYWLS in the fall of 1996. Both groups continue to insist on this – as if it were 1896 and they would support Plessy v. Ferguson – this separation can never be the same. I appreciate NOW`s caution about the Bush administration`s approval of same-sex public schools, as I am part of the generation that still views the label of “feminist” as a compliment — and many feminists still fear that any public recognition of gender differences will hinder their fight for equality. All you have to do is place an order, and we`ll take care of your trial from scratch. Contact our customer service and we will answer all your questions and queries in no time. Do not worry! This article is here with quick and effective tips that will help you write a great argumentative essay no matter what you argue. The following examples give an idea of how university students write argumentative essays. These are the five basic rules you should keep in your back pocket when writing an argumentative essay.

Remember that writing is a process, so always be open to comments and revisions. Have fun writing! The author represents an opposition to the argument of separation between public schools. It is well documented with evidence from the trial. If you have a short deadline and a tight budget, you can entrust us with your writing task. Argumentative essays are awarded to university students more often than to students in schools and colleges. It also involves arguments on important and sometimes bold issues. Learning how to start an argumentative essay example is a tricky thing for beginners. It`s pretty simple, but it can be a challenge for beginners. An argumentative essay compares the two sides of an essay. Nevertheless, the author`s goal is to present one page more pleasantly than the other so that readers can understand the perspective from which it comes.

This typical essay involves convincingly presenting a case to an audience and illustrating the bigger picture. There are some things you need to follow to write a good argumentative essay. The first thing to do is to choose an effective and interesting topic. Use all kinds of sources to determine the best topic. Argumentative essays are an inevitable part of academic life. To write a good argumentative essay, you need to see some good examples of this type of essay. When writing an argumentative essay, it is very easy to deviate from the length of the essay specified by your teacher. Writing a 4000-word essay when the maximum length of the essay specified by your teacher was 1500 is probably not a good idea. In this scenario, it is best to look at some good examples.

Here we have summarized two best examples of argumentative essays specifically for high school students. When it comes to the college level, writing essays becomes more complicated. At this level, students must write complex articles such as research papers or theses. Look at the example below to see what a well-written essay with five paragraphs to a teacher looks like: Discover ways to reward your middle school students and encourage them in their efforts. It can`t be an argumentative essay if you don`t know what you`re defending or against. The easiest way to start an argument is to know which side you`re arguing on and stay on the side until the end. Sometimes the simplest statements of “I think..” or “I believe..” are a great way to think about which side of the argument you are on. Here is the grand finale, it`s time to put everything in place. You`ve done all the work to think of good reasons to support your argumentative essay, and then find solid evidence to support those reasons. This is not the time to confuse your readers! Just leave them a thought on your side of the argument.

Keep it short, tidy and clean! When it comes to writing argumentative essays, getting good grades isn`t a walk in the park. .

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