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Best Used Car Websites 2021 - Best places to buy a used car (1)

We’re counting down our favourite Used Car Websites in the UK

The recent pandemic, and the overall trend of things moving online, is leading to a change in our shopping habits. Beyond just clothes and shoes, we’re now able to buy almost anything from our phones or laptops, and that includes used cars.

While it might seem a bit odd to buy a vehicle online (after all, aren’t dealerships and test drives involved?), it’s actually something you can do very easily.

If buying a used car online has you wondering where exactly to start, don’t worry – we’re listing the best-used car websites and marketplaces where you can find your next motor. We’ll cover the top used car buying sites here in the UK as well as the likes of Facebook and eBay seeing as there’s a lot of used-car buying activity happening on these platforms.

1. YesAuto

A relative newcomer,YesAutoprides itself on making every step of the car-buying journey easy for its customers. It attempts to do so through its user-friendly platform and by building an online community to support the car buying process.

One of its most distinctive features is a rating system which allows visitors to score cars based on what really matters to them. Along with their 360 panoramic VR technology, and test drive booking system, the site strives to not only make car buying simple but also enjoyable. The platform also boasts a Build Your Own function which lets buyers configure the car they want just how they like, from the body and wheels to the interior upholstery.

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Known for: User-friendliness

Second to Autotrader, the best used car website, isMotors. While it trails Autotrader in terms of stock size, the site has improved a lot over the past few years and boasts a host of clever, user-friendly features.

Setting search filters is a breeze with attractive graphics, well-organised by criteria such as budget and practicality, and interiors. There’s also a feature to help buyers price and advertise their own car. Just like Autotrader, Motors provides car reviews so you can get a better idea of running costs and pricing. However, these can be somewhat misleading as they’ll often be for an older model, although the image shown is for the latest one. Sellers come from across the board, ranging from franchised dealers to private sellers (though the latter are few and far between).

3. Autotrader

Known for: extensive stock

If there’s one company that dominates the used car space, it’s Autotrader. With decades of reputation on its side and the UK’s most extensive catalogue of used car classifieds, Autotrader’s main USP is that it really is the largest and most visited vehicle buying site in the UK.

The reason it’s able to attract so many visitors comes down to its technology and powerful search filters. Buyers can specify their search by fuel type, size, economy, even emission levels. Those are only a few of the filters you can adjust to see a list of cars that are an exact match of your criteria. While you’re at it, you can also apply for insurance or finance. Most cars advertised here are sourced from franchised and independent dealers, although many private sellers use the site as well.

4. heycar

What sets heycar apart is that it partners with only selected franchised dealers. As a result it tends to list the best quality used cars and claims that “Buying a used car never felt so good”. All cars are under eight years old and have fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock. Every car also gets a 10 day money back guarantee. The site aims to raise the bar when it comes to trust between consumers and dealers when purchasing a used car or van. It also has in-depth reviews for more than 550 different models that guides you through the process of buying, owning and selling each particular car.

5. Cinch

Cinch claims to ‘take the faff out of finding and buying a used car’. One of their differentiators is that all their cars are under 7 years old and 70,000 miles. Cinch provides a peace of mind to its customers by offering money back guarantee within 14 days, 90 day warranty and roadside assistance. All their cars have to pass their 225-point check and have minimum of 6 months MOT.

6. Cazoo

‘Buy a car entirely online from the comfort of your sofa’.Cazoo claims to offer the best price with no hidden fees. Cazoo cars haven’t been stolen or in a major accident, there is no outstanding finance or insurance issues and Cazoo is transparent about the number of owners each car has had. Every car gets fully inspected and reconditioned. You can either collect it from one of their centers or have it delivered to your home for £50.

7. CarGurus

Known for: Great bargains Bargain-hunters delight –CarGurusis the place to go! Not only does the site rank ads depending on price and dealer reputation, but it also informs buyers of real market values. Additionally, you can see how long vehicles have been listed on the site along with records of their price fluctuations. The bottom line? It puts all the information you need at your fingertips to negotiate a great price on the vehicle you want. It will even label price drops as ‘Fair’ or ‘Great’ to tell you what kind of deal you stand to make. While car-buying sites are the traditional port of call for most buyers, it’s important to note that Facebook has its own Marketplace for car buyers. Along with other classified sites like eBay and Gumtree, there are plenty of other places you can find good car deals.

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8. Facebook Marketplace

Who knew you could use Facebook to buy and sell used vehicles? Indeed, the social media giant isn’t just a place to connect with friends (or play Candy Crush Saga relentlessly).

Facebook Marketplacelaunched in 2016 as its own version of Gumtree where you can buy and sell just about anything, including used cars. All you need to do is to click on ‘Go To Marketplace’ and then type in ‘used cars’ in the search box.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of using Facebook Marketplace is that you can access it across devices. It’s also relatively safe compared to other listing sites given the sellers aren’t anonymous (every seller on the Marketplace has to have a Facebook account).

Like most platforms, however, it’s not entirely free of fraud. That’s whereusing a separate vehicle history checkeralongside the Marketplace, to cross check vehicle details can be incredibly helpful.

9. eBay and Gumtree

Sites likeeBayorGumtreecan be another excellent source for finding used cars. eBay, in particular, boasts some cool and insightful features. These include their virtual showroom and seller feedback but also some smart safety features like their ‘ask a question’ mailing system. What’s interesting about eBay is that unlike other marketplaces like Facebook’s, it offers protection to buyers against fraud.

Though another great marketplace, it can be tempting to ‘panic bid’ on eBay. While it’s important to act when you do find a deal, time, patience and some initial research can make all the difference when it comes to landing a bad or good deal. The same goes for Gumtree as sellers can be more anonymous on these sites.

Use Car Guide to check your next used car

As with Facebook Marketplace, or any other car buying platform for that matter, it’s essential to use a car checking website to verify any vehicle’s details.

While it may look like a seller has included all the information you need, a comprehensive car check will reveal if anything is missing or incorrect. That’s vital given that a patchy or false vehicle history can indicate there’s a more severe problem with a car, like a stolen or write-off status, outstanding finance or mileage anomaly.

Free car checks only scratch the surface of what’s really going on. Our AI-powered car checking website offers something a little different: an in-depth Buyer’s Report of the vehicle, including its MOT history, past owners, valuation and more. Find out if a car has been stolen, written-off or still has outstanding finance. On top of that, we can also tell you about future running and repair costs.Sign upfor your account today.

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Best Used Car Websites 2021 - Best places to buy a used car (9)

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Best Used Car Websites 2021 - Best places to buy a used car (10)

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There a number of ways how to negotiate a better price on a used car. The key is to do your research properly.Here are our tipson negotiating a better deal when buying a used car.

  • Online selling platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay
  • Clocking
  • Cloning
  • Buying a car without a logbook

There are a number of common scams to watch out for when buying a used car. With the right research and a decent vehicle history check you will save yourself a headache. Find out moreabout buying a car here.

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Which car value site is most accurate? ›

Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the most trusted names in the auto industry. You might say we literally "wrote the book on car values". And today there's no better place to find the value of your current car than

What are the most sought after used cars right now? ›

These 10 best-selling used cars made up 21.3 percent of all used car sales for 2021. The most popular used car is the Ford F-150, which is followed by two additional American full-size pickup trucks: the second-ranked Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ram Pickup 1500.

What is the best source for used car values? ›

7 Trustworthy Websites to Value Your Used Car
  1. Kelley Blue Book. Whenever you're looking to value your used car, Kelley Blue Book is the place to start. ...
  2. Edmunds. ...
  3. NADAguides. ...
  4. Auto Trader. ...
  5. TrueCar. ...
  6. Consumer Reports Car Value Estimator. ...
  7. Parkers.
17 Aug 2021

What are best option to buy used cars? ›

Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a convenient way to find a used car, SUV or truck in excellent condition. CPO vehicles, which are sold from dealerships of the same brand, go through extensive inspections and are reconditioned with factory parts. They also come with the best warranties.

What are 3 websites that can be used to get an accurate value on a car? ›

Here are some of the most popular sites:
  • Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book, commonly abbreviated as KBB, is a leading online car value estimator. ...
  • Edmunds. ...
  • (NADA) National Automobile Dealer's Association. ...
  • Trade-in value. ...
  • Private resale value. ...
  • Certified pre-owned value. ...
  • Dealer resale value.
25 Feb 2021

Which website is best for buying cars? ›

The 16 best used car websites
  • Autotrader.
  • CarGurus.
  • Kelley Blue Book.
  • CarsDirect.
  • eBay Motors.
19 Feb 2021

Is Kelley Blue Book or NADA better? ›

KBB factors in the condition of the vehicle, local market conditions, and popularity of the vehicle, so their prices tend to be a lower than NADA. NADA values tend to lean higher because they assume cars are in good conditions. Insights can be gained from both values, but KBB looks at more factors.

What website will give you the fair price value for your car? ›

About Kelley Blue Book® Values

The Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value reports on a fair price when selling the car to an individual instead of doing a dealer trade in.

Which used cars have the least problems? ›

9 of the most reliable cars
  1. Toyota Corolla (Top-rated compact car) ...
  2. Hyundai Sonata (Top-rated midsize car) ...
  3. Chevrolet Impala (Top-rated large car) ...
  4. Buick Envision (Top-rated compact SUV) ...
  5. Hyundai Sante Fe (Top-rated midsize SUV) ...
  6. Chevrolet Suburban (Top-rated large SUV) ...
  7. Toyota Sienna (Top-rated minivan)
20 Sept 2022

Are used car prices expected to drop in 2022? ›

Average prices were up 42.5% in September 2022 vs. February 2020. Used car prices have likely peaked, but new car prices are set to remain elevated through end-2022. In 2023, prices are expected to decline by 2.5% to 5% for new cars and by 10% to 20% for used cars.

Which used cars last the longest? ›

Longest-Lasting Cars: Toyota's Land Cruiser Easily Wins the Top Spot
Longest-Lasting Vehicles to Reach 200k Miles – iSeeCars Study
RankVehicle% of Cars Over 200k Miles
1Toyota Land Cruiser16.3%
2Toyota Sequoia11.2%
3Chevrolet Suburban5.1%
14 more rows
28 Feb 2022

Which cars hold their value less? ›

Vehicles That Depreciated the Least in 3 years
Top 10 Vehicles with the Lowest Three-Year Depreciation - iSeeCars Study
1Mercedes-Benz G-Class0.6%
2Honda Civic1.4%
3Subaru Crosstrek1.9%
8 more rows
8 Nov 2022

Which car keeps the most value? ›

2022 Best Resale Value: Cars
  • 2022 Honda Civic. Resale Value: 49.8% Type: Compact Car. ...
  • 2022 Honda Accord. Resale Value: 42.5% Type: Midsize Car. ...
  • 2022 Chevrolet Corvette. Resale Value: 59.5% Type: Sports Car. ...
  • 2022 Lexus IS. Resale Value: 39.0% Type: Entry-Level Luxury Car. ...
  • 2022 Lexus LS. Resale Value: 35.0% Type: Luxury Car.

What reduces the value of a car? ›

The condition of your car's exterior can be a major factor in its value — the overall appearance and presence of your car matters. Scratches, a worn-out exterior, rust, cracked windows or dings will lower your car's resale value, according to

Should I buy a car now or wait until 2022? ›

While soaring used car prices are bad for those who can't afford a new car, they may mean 2022 is a good time to buy a car for those with a vehicle to trade in. A high trade-in price means added capital that can help reduce the finance share of purchasing a new car.

What are the top 5 tips for buying a used car? ›

5 Tips When Buying A Used Car
  • Examine Exterior and Interior.
  • Test Drive.
  • High Mileage Versus Low Mileage On A Used Car.
  • Professional Inspection.
  • All The Ways To Research.
  • Driver's Auto Mart.
10 Jul 2020

How many miles is too many for a used car? ›

Often, 100,000 miles is considered a cut-off point for used cars because older vehicles often start requiring more expensive and frequent maintenance when mileage exceeds 100,000.

Is there a site better than Carfax? ›

AutoCheck Provides More Value Over Carfax

Even if you already have access to a vehicle history report from a provider, AutoCheck has its own set of exclusive data that may uncover further information about a vehicle you're considering.

Which is more accurate Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds? ›

Some experts tout Edmunds as more accurate than KBB, but there is no clearly proven winner for accuracy. To get the most accurate estimate, you should use both KBB and Edmunds. It is fast, easy, and free to enter your vehicle's information on both sites and to average the values given.

Which is more accurate AutoCheck or Carfax? ›

Carfax reports are more comprehensive than AutoCheck — unlike AutoCheck, they include information on any maintenance or service that was reported. But all of this information comes at a cost — Carfax reports are pricier than AutoCheck reports.

How can I buy a car online without getting scammed? ›

See it in person

Scammers can easily post fake photos and safety reports. Don't send money until you've seen the vehicle in real life. Make sure you choose a safe, well-lit, public spot to meet the seller. Ask to see the seller's identification and make sure the same name is on the vehicle's title.

What is the safest way to buy a car online? ›

Here's 5 tips to make sure your next online car buying experience is safe as possible.
  1. 1) Verify the seller's identity in person. ...
  2. 2) Never Use Anonymous Forms Of Payment. ...
  3. 3) Get Specific Vehicle Information. ...
  4. 4) Close the deal in a safe place. ...
  5. check the url of the website you are on. ...
  6. 5) Don't Make Emotional Decisions.

What month is it best to buy a car? ›

In terms of the best time of the year, October, November and December are safe bets. Car dealerships have sales quotas, which typically break down into yearly, quarterly and monthly sales goals. All three goals begin to come together late in the year.

How accurate is NADA for cars? ›

NADA prices are considered very reliable when determining a retail price for a used car due to the data collection, long publication history, monthly updates, and respect the NADA has in the automotive industry.

Can NADA be trusted? ›

Though, NADA is considered a very reliable resource of used car prices by most, to fully understand when, where, and what makes it so you must understand the basis it's built on. That sounds simple enough, but many American consumers could be very misguided about its information.

What is a clean trade in? ›

Clean retail is what a dealer should ask IF the vehicle is in great condition inside and out. Everything works and doesn't need anything. Clean trade-in is what a dealer should give you when you trade your vehicle in on one of there's. Your vehicle needs to be in great condition inside and out to get that price though.

How do I find the right price for a car? ›

The best ways to determine a car's worth is by using valuation guides like Kelley Blue Book and looking at live prices online and at dealerships. It's vital to know a car's value before you start any transaction to sell, trade in, buy or refinance a vehicle.

Which brand of vehicle is the most reliable? ›

Here are the five most reliable car brands according to Consumer Reports.
  • Toyota (72) Toyota. Consumer Reports found that every Toyota except for two had above or well-above average reliability. ...
  • Lexus (72) Lexus. Lexus lost the top spot to its corporate sibling. ...
  • BMW (65) daniel kraus. ...
  • Mazda (65) Mazda. ...
  • Honda (62)
11 hours ago

Can you successfully negotiate a fair price for a car? ›

If you've researched the vehicle and know its fair value, start with a lower price. This gives the dealer room to negotiate a counteroffer. Just decide ahead of time how high you are willing to go to avoid paying more than what you can afford and be willing to walk away.

What are the top 10 cars not to buy? ›

There are more than 100 models listed, all built in the last decade. Use the pull-down menu to view car models by brand.
Used Cars to Avoid Buying.
ModelYear(s) to Avoid
GMCAcadia2011-2013, 2016-2017, 2020
GMCSierra 15002015, 2017, 2019-2020
118 more rows
4 Jan 2021

What is the cheapest used car to maintain? ›

Most Affordable Used Cars to Maintain
  • Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla is a compact sedan with a reliable track record. ...
  • Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular SUVs on the road, and for good reason. ...
  • Subaru Outback. ...
  • Honda Accord. ...
  • Lexus NX. ...
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class. ...
  • Ford Mustang. ...
  • Honda Odyssey.
21 Feb 2020

What are the 5 least reliable car brands? ›

These Are 5 of the Least Reliable Car Brands of 2022
  • Lincoln- 1.0 percent.
  • Subaru- 0.8 percent.
  • Acura- 0.7 percent.
  • Dodge- 0.7 percent.
  • Nissan- 0.7 percent.
27 May 2022

Will the car shortage get better in 2022? ›

While the worst of the car inventory crisis might be behind us, automotive analysts project that chip shortages and other limiting factors will curtail production till 2023. Car sales is expected to surge in the second half of 2022 and may rebound to pre-covid levels, for better volumes in 2023 and 2024.

What will happen to car sales in 2022? ›

Cox Automotive's initial U.S. new-vehicle sales forecast for 2022 was 16 million, up about 7% vs. 15 million in 2021.

Can car prices be negotiated in 2022? ›

Our YAA Auto Experts help hundreds of car buyers every week, and they gather real-time insights of the market along the way. The market is changing, and both new and used cars are more negotiable than at any time in 2022.

Which car engines last longest? ›

These Are Some Of The Most Reliable Car Engines Ever Made
  • 10/10 Toyota 2AR-FE Engine.
  • 9/10 Toyota 1ZZ Engine.
  • 8/10 Honda B Series Engine.
  • 7/10 Honda K Series Engine.
  • 6/10 Lexus 1UZFE Engine.
  • 5/10 Lexus 2UR-GSE Engine.
  • 4/10 BMW M57 Diesel Engine.
  • 3/10 Nissan RB26DETT Engine.
5 Jan 2022

What is a high mileage car? ›

What is considered high-mileage? Typically, putting 13,000 to 14,000 miles on your car per year is viewed as “average.” A car that is driven more than that is considered high-mileage. With proper maintenance, cars can have a life expectancy of about 200,000 miles.

At what age do cars start having problems? ›

Be Cautious With Anything Older Than 12-15 Years Or 150,000 Miles. Now that we have the variables out of the way, it's time to dive deeper into what “problems” your car can run into as it ages and accumulates miles.

What color car holds value best? ›

Overall, yellow is the vehicle color that holds its value best, depreciating 70 percent less than the average vehicle. It's among the least popular car colors - but you often find it on sports cars and low volume vehicles that typically hold their value relatively well. Orange ranks second, for the same reason.

What color car loses its value the fastest? ›

In fact, brown cars depreciate about four times faster than cars of the color that best holds its value, yellow, with those vehicles only depreciating at 4.5% over three years, on average.
They are:
  • Orange: 10.7%
  • Purple: 13.9%
  • Red: 14%
  • Green: 14%
  • Blue: 14.3%
  • Gray: 14.3%
  • Beige: 14.4%
  • Silver: 14.8%
7 Jun 2022

What brand of car breaks down the least? ›

The most reliable car brands - and the least
  • MG. Reliability rating: 95.7% ...
  • Kia. Reliability rating: 95.8% ...
  • Mazda. Reliability rating: 95.9% ...
  • Mitsubishi. Reliability rating: 96.9% ...
  • Dacia. Reliability rating: 97.3% ...
  • Lexus. Reliability rating: 98.7% ...
  • Alfa Romeo. Reliability rating: 86.5% ...
  • Land Rover. Reliability rating: 82.5%
6 Aug 2022

What cars hold their value after 5 years? ›

The vehicles that best hold their value after five years of use are the Porsche 911, Kia Rio, Mazda3, Honda Civic, and GMC Canyon. The Porsche earns a spot on the list thanks to a long list of special models and trims that depreciate little (or even appreciate in value, in some cases).

Which SUV loses its value fastest? ›

Midsize SUVs
Top 5 Lowest- and Highest-Depreciating Midsize SUVs – iSeeCars Study
1Jeep Wrangler Unlimited52.8%
2Toyota 4Runner52.6%
4 more rows
30 Oct 2021

What used cars hold their value the best? ›

Three of the models that increased in value over MSRP are the same as the top three models with the lowest five-year depreciation: the Porsche 911, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The other models include another Porsche model, the Porsche 718 Cayman, as well as the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid trim.

What increases your car value? ›

Keeping up with regular maintenance, making repairs, upgrading the features, having the right documentation and getting your car appraised by a professional can all help raise the value of your vehicle when you sell it.

What mileage should you trade your car in? ›

30,000 To 40,000 miles

The depreciation of your vehicle will generally begin to accelerate faster after this milestone, so the closer your car is to this mileage, the better your trade-in will likely be.

Does having 2 Keys increase car value? ›

Two sets of keys: faster sale, higher price

So that's why, when you're looking at online car sales, having two sets of keys is often used as a selling point, which means if you're selling your vehicle and you've only got one key to go with it, it's well worth your while having a duplicate made from that key.

Where are used car prices the cheapest? ›

Florida offers the lowest upfront costs for buying used cars across the country. Florida's initial rates are generally relatively cheaper than the national average in the United States, ultimately saving you money on your purchase.

Is Used car demand still high? ›

The availability of vehicles on U.S. dealer lots improved to nearly 1.4 million vehicles last month, up from 1 million for most of the year, Cox Automotive reported. Before the pandemic, normal supply was far higher — around 4 million. So historically speaking, inventory remains tight and demand still high.

How do I find the best price for a car? ›

New Car Price Guide: How To Get The Best Deal
  1. Check the Sticker. ...
  2. Find Average Pricing Information. ...
  3. Use CarsDirect. ...
  4. Try Other Websites. ...
  5. Look in the Paper. ...
  6. Compare Prices Online vs. ...
  7. The Basics of New Car Prices. ...
  8. Hidden Dealer Discounts.

What time of year are used car prices lowest? ›

January, February, and December are the three best months to buy a used car, in that order. According to iSeeCars, in general, late fall and early winter are good times to purchase a used car with a deal.

Are used car prices dropping now? ›

Used car prices have been dropping in recent months, but so has consumers' ability to afford them, according to a new study from Used car affordability fell 26.7% from August 2019 to August 2022 — double the rate for new cars.

Will car prices drop in 2022? ›

While new car prices declined -1.4% in September from August's all-time high, they will likely remain elevated through the end of 2022 as inflationary pressures persist, before easing slightly in 2023. “There's still a lot of inflation bubbling up in the new vehicle supply chain.

How much longer will used cars be highly prices? ›

Used-Car Prices Will Drop: Here's How to Prepare. As new-car inventory begins to stabilize, J.D. Power forecasts that used-vehicle values will begin their descent to more normal levels by late 2022 and into 2023.

What is the safest color car to drive? ›

We've referenced the safest color car on the road. That color is white. White cars are 12 percent less likely to be involved in an accident than black cars at any time of the day under any conditions. This is because there is often a lot of contrast between white cars and its surroundings.

What is a good average price for a car? ›

This is up slightly from June when the average used car cost an average of $34,154, and marks the second month of slight increases after four months of slowing price growth.
This is the average price of a used car in California.
Average Used Car Price by State – iSeeCars
48 more rows
20 Aug 2022


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