Newberry, SC Car Insurance (2023)

How do rates in Newberry measure up compared to neighboring areas, including South Carolina as a whole? How much can residents of Newberry expect to pay for their car insurance? You can find average cost breakdowns based on a wide array of factors in the charts and writeups below:

In This Article:

  • Average Car Insurance Rates in Newberry
  • Average Rates by Age
  • Average Rates for Men vs. Women
  • How Your Driving Record Affects Rates
  • Recent Rate Trends
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How much is car insurance in Newberry?

AreaAverage Monthly Car Insurance Premium
United States$81

Based on the chart above, you can see that auto insurance rates in Newberry are in line with rates across the rest of South Carolina.

If you're considering relocating to Newberry from out of state, you may want to budget a little extra for your insurance. The average monthly payment in Newberry is about $20 more expensive than the rate for the rest of the U.S.

Although these are the average car insurance rates in Newberry, you could end up paying something different. Insurance companies take in a number of factors when deciding what amount to charge you for insuring your vehicle. The final dollar amount you'll be asked to pay each month is calculated off of your age, gender, vehicle make and model, driving record, and in some cases, your credit score.

We've broken down average rates for Newberry to help you understand what your policy's monthly premium will cost. And if you're not sure if you're getting the cheapest rate for your area, simply enter your ZIP Code below and find out!

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Average Car Insurance Rates by Age

Age RangeAverage Premium
Under 18Not Enough Data
45-54Not Enough Data

The longer you've been on the road, the more experienced of a driver you are. When it comes to your monthly premium, that experience can really pay off. As you can see, 18-24-year-olds pay two times as much as drivers 65 and older.

You can expect to see your monthly premium drop about once a decade or so. You may see your rates climb back up a bit once you hit retirement age in Newberry.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Gender


In general, car insurance rates for women are usually cheaper than they are for men. In Newberry, the difference comes out to about $7 per month. As illustrated in the table above, male drivers in the area pay about $106 on average, while female drivers pay around $99 each month.

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

InfractionsAverage Monthly Premium
1 Accident$119
Multiple Accidents$186
1 Ticket$158
Multiple Tickets$193

Depending on your driving record, your rates can vary wildly. Drivers who avoid accidents and tickets will pay lower rates than those with infractions. Drivers in Newberry with one accident will pay around $119 a month. Similarly, drivers with one ticket will typically pay around $158 on average.

Accidents, tickets, and other driving infractions can really add up when it comes to how much you pay. So, if you're looking for cheap car insurance, drive carefully and keep a clean record.

Average Insurance Rates by Vehicle

Vehicle AgeAverage Monthly Premium
Less Than 1 YearNot Enough Data
2-3 Years$107
4-5 Years$111
6-7 Years$127
8-10 Years$102
11-14 Years$105
15 Years or Older$91
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As you can see in the first table above, the cheapest vehicles to insure in Newberry are typically trucks and vans, which run about $90 per month.

SUV drivers will see rates of about $103, while the rates for car owners average out to about $102 a month.

In addition to vehicle type, you can also expect to see slightly different rates depending on the age of your vehicle. Generally, newer vehicles are going to be the most expensive to insure. However, once your car is close to 5 years old you may start to see your rates drop back down a bit. In Newberry, the most expensive vehicles to insure are vehicles six-to-seven years old and four-to-five years old.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Relationship Status

RelationshipAverage Monthly Premium
Single (never married)$105

On average, people who are married will pay slightly less for car insurance. This occurs because insurance companies commonly award special discounts to policyholders with multiple vehicles that are on the same policy.

On a national scale, married drivers typically pay less than single drivers for auto insurance. Newberry is no exception, with the difference totaling to around $14 a month.

Average Car Insurance Rates by Housing Situation

Housing StatusAverage Monthly Premium
Live with parents$112

Your housing situation is another factor that affects your monthly rate. If you rent your home or apartment, expect to pay around $8 a month more than if you own your own home in Newberry. Those who live with their parents, however, can expect to pay a good deal more than their counterparts who rent or own.

Bundling your home or rental insurance and auto insurance policies can oftentimes reduce your average costs, depending on your insurance company.

Car Insurance Companies in Newberry, SC

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Recent trends in car insurance for Newberry drivers

Since average rates are constantly changing, it's a smart move to research the local trends in your area before choosing when and where to shop.

In Newberry, auto insurance rates had been decreasing from 2017-2019, before rising from 2020-2021. They finished down in 2022 at $121.

How does Newberry compare to neighboring areas?

Why are car insurance rates in Newberry different from other areas?

When considering how much to charge for a monthly rate, car insurance companies will consider many factors. A few of these factors affecting your personal policy have already been mentioned, but others are based around where you live and drive. These include things like:

  • Area regulations
  • Prevalence of crime
  • Off-street parking availability
  • Number of car accidents
  • Total number of drivers in the community

Having an awareness of these factors is critical when thinking about buying a new policy or potentially moving to a new home. Knowing that different towns and cities will all have different rates, guides like these can be a good way to get a lay of the land of your particular neighborhood.

How can I find the cheapest car insurance in Newberry?

While getting familiar with what the average costs are for drivers like you can be helpful as you get an idea of what you might pay, the only way to know exactly what your rate will be is by requesting a quote from car insurance companies.

But hold on! does all of that work for you. Just put in your ZIP below, answer a few questions on you and your vehicle, and you'll be comparing the cheapest quotes from numerous car insurance companies providing plans in Newberry.

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Newberry Insurance FAQs

What factors affect car insurance quotes in Newberry?

Quotes are calculated by car insurance companies who take multiple factors into consideration, including things you can't control like your gender and age, but also factors like your driving record, credit score, address, and marital status.

Why is the cost of car insurance in Newberry different from other neighboring cities?

Auto insurance companies consider regional factors, such as parking situations, crime rates, and local laws into account when calculating the monthly rate for coverage. Since these can all vary from city to city the rates you may see can differ from neighboring areas.

Which car insurance company will offer me the cheapest rate in Newberry?

Since the factors that go into calculating your monthly payment vary from person to person, there isn't one company that will always offer the cheapest rate to everybody. You can be confident that you're receiving the best price possible however, by using sites like to compare multiple quotes at once.

Do I need to change my insurance if I move to Newberry?

Any time you experience a major life event, whether it's moving to a new area, getting married, finding a new job, or other notable events, it's always a good idea to re-evaluate your current insurance. Certain companies offer cheaper insurance in certain cities, so even if you were getting the cheapest rate at your old address, it doesn't mean it'll still be the cheapest at your new home. That's why it's always good to use services like to compare quotes from dozens of companies side-by-side.

Do I need to wait for my policy to expire to switch to a different car insurance company?

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No. Regardless of how much time is left on your current policy, you can switch companies at any time. So, whether you're considering moving to Newberry or just curious if you're getting the best rates, why not take 10 minutes and see if can save you some extra cash?


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