O'reilly Auto Parts Mini Stocks (2022)


​***no phones or communication devices in car***

If the rules do not say you can do it, then don’t do it! Be sure to check the General Rules.

All interpretations of rules by a Speedway Management or Speedway Technical Official are final.UNAWARENESS OR IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!
MAJOR INFRACTIONS - If you have been caught for any performance enhancing computers, performance aftermarket parts, the car and the driver will be BANNED from the Mini Stock Division PERMANENTLY!

1. CARS:
** No aftermarket performance parts!

** Car must remain factory stock

Any front wheel drive, four (4) cylinder domestic or import car. No convertibles.

Original VIN # must be attached to the car and data link connector must be available.

Engine displacement must match the VIN # for the car being used.

Model year and Engine Displacement must be printed on the hood of the car.

Rev limiters must be set t0 factory specs for year make and model. not max for manufacturer.

No ACR or competitive engine Controller Modules allowed.
VTEC and Ecotec cars allowed. VTEC solenoid must be disconnected

Engine must be completely stock – if engine is rebuilt, it must be equipped with stock replacement parts.
non-computerized cars may run 350CFM carb MAX
Stock computers only!!! Rev Limiters will be checked with scan tool! Set to max for manufacturer!

No Mazda Rotary engines allowed.

Engines with variable cam or valve timing may cause weight penalties.

Nissan engines must have the variable timing wire disconnected.

No turbo-charged or super-charged engines allowed.
Compression ratio must be stock for engine used.

Stock replacement all aluminum radiators may be used.

No racing bearings, rings, pistons, etc., allowed. “Zero” deck height pistons and air intake Intercoolers are approved.

No shaving of heads allowed.

Exhaust must be behind the driver’s compartment and be equipped with a muffler. The EGR valve and EVAP system may be deleted. Catalytic converter may be removed.

Drive train and suspension must be stock (OEM) only. No cut or shaved springs. No heated springs. Front springs must match coil for coil, must have same compressed height while installed in the strut (1/4" tolerance), must be same wire diameter (.010" tolerance), must be same overall outside diameter and springs must have same spring rate (15lb tolerance). Rear springs must follow same guidelines as front springs.

No bump stops to include factory bump stops must be removed as well.
Stock or polyurethane bushing only! No steel/solid bushings allowed. Motor or suspension!

Tires are to have a minimum tread wear rating of 200 only.

All four (4) tires must be the same size – 60 series minimum.

No cutting, shaving or soaking of tires allowed.

Wheels are to be stock steel wheels – right front wheel be reinforced, meaning white spoke wheels or racing wheel allowed – stock off-set only.
No aluminum wheels allowed.
Racing wheels allowed with 75lb Weight Penalty Mounted to RR (max back space 3 ½ inch all 4 mounted to right rear)

Ride height must remain at 6 inches frame and body between front and rear tires. Without driver!
NO tolerance.

No lead below the frame rails.

Camber adjustment by shims or lower strut slots only.

Total minimum weight: cars under 2.0 liters 1900lbs, 2.0 liters 2200lbs, VTEC/Ecotec 2200lbs 2.4 liter and higher 2350lbs.
Any car with dual or RT Cylinder head and/or RT Computer must weigh 2,300lbs.
Dodge Neon’s 52% left side, Vtec/Ecotec/Nissan spec V 53% left side, all other 55% left side.
No lead weight in front of driver, track reserves the right to add weight to individual cars to preserve competition!!!
Must always have repair manual with complete specs for your engine and car. VIN plate must match engine being used.

No tolerance on weights.

3. BODY:
Car bodies must retain all structure. Original’s fenders, hoods, trunks, and roofs are mandatory.To keep cars looking good you may make door skins and quarter skins (20 Gauge steel only) Must remain stock appearing.

Must remove all flammable materials.

Sunroofs must be removed, and the remaining hole covered with sheet metal.

No gutting, except for doors, hood, and trunk lid. Doors must be welded closed.

Car must be equipped with “4-point” roll a cage with 1-3/4-inch tubing x .095-inch wall thickness, with door bars extending all the way to the driver’s door.

Driver’s door bars must be plated with 1/16-inch (11 gauge) sheet steel (recommended).

May install front support bars for safety – must turn down 6 inches past motor mount area (Mandatory to run Figure 8). May install rear bars down to rear struts and to rear sub-frame for safety (Mandatory to run Figure 8).

Aluminum racing seat and “5-point” racing seat belts are Mandatory – must be less than 4 years old
Car must be equipped with a Lexan windshield or Metal Screen (must have 2 half inch vertical bars in front of driver! – may keep stock windshield as long as it’s not cracked! All other glass must be removed!

Must have window net on driver’s door (Mandatory). Removable steering wheel recommended.

Stock bumpers are preferred, but tube bumpers 1-3/4-inch tubing x .095-inch wall thickness required.

Bumpers must have round corners with no uncapped ends. Welds must be smooth.

On – Off battery switch must be properly labeled and mounted behind driver with easy access from the quarter window.

Battery must be located behind driver and must be secured in a covered battery box.

Mirrors allowed – No radios.

Fully functional and charged fire extinguisher (Mandatory).

Fire suit, helmet, racing gloves, shoes, and head and neck restraint (Mandatory).

Loops for towing must be on the front and rear of the car.

Cars that were manufactured with an Automatic Transmission may be converted to a Manual Transmission.

All components from the manual transmission conversion must be used (cable, mounts, gear shift, pedals, etc.).

Mounting tabs may be manufactured by must be in Stock (OEM) location with stock mounts!

Front mount bar is the only optional part approved for use.

No light weight or custom parts in transmission.

Must run stock steel flywheel and clutch – no racing components allowed. No aluminum flywheels allowed. No grinding or resurfacing on flywheel.
Limited slip and welded differentials is OK.


In an effort to equalize competition we will revise the computer claiming rule to as follows:
1. Claiming the computer within the same manufacturer (ex. Dodge to dodge, Honda to Honda, etc.) will be $50.00 and exchange.
2. Claiming the computer outside the manufacturer (ex. Dodge to Honda) will be an outright buy at $75.00 no exchange.
3. CCS reserves the right to claim or swap any computer in competition that night.
4. Driver or registered car owner competing in that night’s events are the only ones eligible to file a claim.
5. Claim must be done in writing with cash and presented to the head tech official in charge. No other official may accept a filed claim.
6. Claiming driver must be on the lead lap to file a claim.
7. You can only file a claim on a car finishing ahead of you.
8. The driver of the car being claimed will be the sole spokesperson of record and the first acceptance or refusal to sell in binding.
9. Buddy claims may result in all parties being disqualified and/or suspended and loss of points.
10. Competitor will surrender his/her computer for the above said fees or be disqualified for the night, lose points for that event, and start in the rear for the next two races. The second time the competitor refuses to surrender their computer they will be disqualified for that night, lose all points for that event, suspended for 2 weeks, and start in the rear for the next 3 race events that he/she competes upon their return. The third time the competitor refuses to surrender their computer they will be disqualified for the night, lose all points for that event, and suspended for 3 months.

NOTE:Please remember it is your responsibility to prove your parts are stock (OEM) for your car.


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