TERA PC private servers (2023)

Official TERA PC version was closed at the end of June 2022.Well before the game was closed down few private servers were set up.

Community handled private servers are roughly based on three versions of the game. Most popular seems to be the 64-bit game client. There are also versions with older 32-bit client and pre-apex (2015 version) server.

Keep in mind the 64-bit client needs updated DirectX libraries if sounds don't work:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109 Also fresh Windows installation might need updated Visual C++ runtime libraries: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redistand Shinra DPS meter .NET packages (you prolly have these if you ever installed games from Steam).


  • 1 Menma's TERA
  • 2 Asura TERA Online
  • 3 TeraCZ
  • 4 TERA Starscape
  • 5 TERA Europe - VALKYTEQ
  • 6 Omni TERA
  • 7 Strife TERA
  • 8 Akeron TERA
  • 9 TERA Titanica (BR)

Menma's TERA[]

Menma's TERA was started already in February 2021, with official 1.0 release in August 2021.At this time it was based on 32-bit 92.04 version of game.Menma's moved to 64-bit patch 100 client in their patch 1.1 in July 2022.

Menma's TERA is a "PVP-oriented" server. You get a free level 70 scroll with character creation and tokens for maxed PVP gear (which is reworked for less RNG) and max character stats (full EP points, maxed Skill Advancement) without grind. PVE is "normal" and you have to grind to PVE gear, although it's much easier than the retail version was.Menma does regular content cycles so dungeons from patch 92 (AQ, CSN, FA-Hagufna) are replaced with other dungeons. There is updated hard mode Manaya's Core available as top dungeon. Patch 1.1 content cycle opened some classic dungeons like Akeron's Inferno and Lilith's Keep.Starting gear is Exodor gear. Menma has since released self-developed gear to keep up the MMORPG grind mill. This includes new armor etchings with power/crit stats and lately new accessories with materials to upgrade.

Server is in France and Menma has build-in TERA proxy in launcher (just push start to start it). This should make it playable even with high ping. There are also some handy mods pre-installed with proxy.

Card Collection system is turned off. Fishing is fixed in December 2022 patch.

Menma's also gives any costume available in game (from patch 100) for free in Tikat Shop. And you can exchange Tikat for Vanguard Credits and it's reward from some daily events like Guild BAM, Dreamstorm and Guardian Missions (which you can do 100 boxes daily).Since August 2022 server also has working Dressing Room.

Asura TERA Online[]

Asura TERA Online is other established server. Asura celebrated its first birthday on 1th July 2022.Asura main audience is Russians, although announcements are also is English.

It's based on TERA v92 32-bit version. Asura is very close to retail version and looks very polished.

There is (least currently) free code on website for a level 65 scroll for one character. But you start with basic blue gear you can't enchant, 300 EP points and 0 skill advancement. There seems to be event NPC who has level 70 scroll for few tokens and event cards. Ideally you would make other character 70 and use it to grind xp potions from MC to get your level 65 char to 70. Btw. using level scroll 70 gives you no Apex so you have to do that quest too.

Basic gear from this patch is Exodor Scout and Entropy accessory set. So you run Red Refuge + RK-9 for Ethereal set and blue gear (I have no idea what is enchant rate). Golden gear rarely drops but is found on broker quite cheap. Annihilation/Dark Light might have better enchant rate than it was in retail during this patch. Also skill advancement points and scrolls are huge grind and costly. Freely available etchings are tier III, so you have to craft or find boxes for IVs. And card collection that is quite new in this patch and painful grind, although event hero cards are available from event merchant and card boxes from vanguard merchant with vanguard credits. As retail, it might take months of casual play to get your character maxed.

Asura has:

  • Tikat (popori dude, with Federation Bills as daily login award after 1 hour online)
  • Fashion Coupons (seen only on calendar event, drops from anywhere?)
  • TERA Shop, cash shop like retail version, well Russian sanctions make pretty hard to transfer money.
  • no Tikat Shop
  • Card Collection, this is early patch with card collection, huge grind for cards. There is permanent event with "hero" event cards.
  • working Dressing Room
  • Homunculus pets
  • running events like Easter Event, Summer Event, promotion codes, weekend event every week.
  • TERA Rewards Emporium (like En Masse TERA had), levels up quite easily, credits from weekend events.
  • gathering speed up 40%

Asura differs bit from Gameforge TERA tradition some players are maybe more familiar with. Server has no Elleon's Marks, instead dungeons drop tokens called Tiaran Tree Crystal for buff potions, foods, basic etchings, underwear and even some costumes.

Asura too offers downloads for TERA ToolBox and ShinraMeter. There is actually Shinra log on server website and even an item database.

One interesting feature is that Asura has every dungeon in game available. Although they not adjusted for current gear and drops are outdated it allows sightseeing into content you've might never have seen in game (like Sigil Adstringo or Suryati's Peak).


CZ stands for "Comunidad Zero" who have few private servers for various games.Community languages are English, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian).

TeraCZ runs a 2015 pre-brawler patch (gunner patch?). This version of game has level 65 level cap and North Arun area and quest line, Island of Dawn as the starting zone, the stamina system and Alliance. Endgame dungeons are Akeron's Inferno, Bathysmal Rise, Timescape and Sky Cruiser Endeavor. It also has Wonderholme and VM6 (Starfall) gear modded in.

During this era the leveling was still important part of gameplay and actually fun and not a boring chore like it is in later versions. TeraCZ has Avatar weapons to ease leveling but "We've disabled crystals on avatar weapons since people wanted a more classic leveling experience." t. GM Gengar.

Game servers are located in Miami, Florida, USA, which is ok for Americas and bit high for euros.This game version is so old it does not have working proxy to help with ping.

They are doing server reset on 16th July 2022, which means everyone starts anew from low level to level playing field for newcomers. They added level 60 scrolls freely available in shop in Oct 2022. This allows you to jump into level 65 endgame quite easily. (only a few days or hours to reach level 65).

TERA Starscape[]

TERA Starscape was announced in Reddit in late June.This is new server with 64-bit version.

Server is located in US West coast with lower ping for that side of the pond.

Starscape gives a free level 70 scroll, but not glyphs, standard 300 EP points, no skill advancement, so there is reasonable amount of grind. There is, however elite for free with all the benefits it gives, like Travel Journal and free teleports to every town.


Tera Europe announced on July. It's based on 64-bit patch 100.02.Official release is set to 28th of July.

Custom graphical adjustments with ReShade; own fork of TERA Toolbox.Reworked gear progression, Free PVP gear. Every costume from retail version modded in.Reuses some content that was removed from retail version, like TBA lobby and Dreamstorm with new name.

VALKYTEQ TERA uses custom gear starting from Guardian set (with crystals), free PvP Equipment Chest. It seems PVE gear materials are totally reworked and new.They give out level 70 scroll and all skills and glyph points and etc without grind.

They have quite big changes to game like working Berserker and Valkyrie tank.Starting place in game is bew Valkyria hub (it was TBA lobby).

They have renamed some stuff, like tikat currency is "Etu" and Dreamstorm is called Dark Rift.

Guide and Overview , Google Docs

Omni TERA[]

"A highly customized classic and modern Tera Fusion focused on both PvE and PvP"

Instant level 70, Instant max glyphs, EP, and Skill advance. 8 character slots to start with. No cash shop, everything is obtained through content. Players start off with “Schisma” and “Renegade” gear sets for PvE and PvP (this is early level 65 gear set).

Speciality is that Fey Forest is a free-for-all PvP Zone.

Server is in Iowa, USA.Omni downloads (incl. torrent, toolbox): https://discord.com/channels/971462107797291108/971462675311763476/1035859253543571507

Strife TERA[]

This seems interesting new project. They actually have levelling as game purpose (during current beta phase at least) and are actively balancing it, and low level dungeons.

Akeron TERA[]

  • Server is based on a 2014 version of Tera (Patch 29) Tera: The Battle For The New World (right after Reaper class release and isle of dawn starting zone) - Experience of quests reduced at 30%
  • - Classic system of gear/weapon upgrade
  • - Alkahest of different levels
  • - No flying mounts
  • - All dungeons are enhanced x2
  • - Max level - 65
  • - Old levelling dungeons, some with both solo and group modes, and some with different levels of difficulty (new)
  • - Campfires, charms & stamina, old buffs & utility potions and scrolls, original unpruned class abilities & glyphs
  • -Reaper class has been adjusted so that it is not as overpowered from release
  • - Costumes including new ones which were never seen in the official game, but were found in the game files, also added from latest patches
  • - Battlegrounds, Arena, PvP Gear and Rewards
  • - New and unique ingame events from our team

Discord: https://discord.gg/akeron

TERA Titanica (BR)[]

  • Optimized server with automatic reshade in optimization mode.
  • Patch 100.02 (Kai's Fury).
  • Progressão de equipamentos facilitada, porém ainda difícil para não perder a essência do TERA.
  • Upe manually or use the scroll directly to the Level 70 with all the skills released, including the APEX through a scroll.
  • Toolbox released, with several modules for auxiliary na gameplay.
  • All costumes released for free through the Dressing Room (Only during the beta)
  • Suggestions system through two ✅ │duvidas-bugs-suggestions.
  • Administração disposta a ouvir e atendir as necessidades dos jogadores.
  • Comunidade ativa no Discord, sempre se ajudando e fazendo dgs.
  • Various events to ajudar na progressão.
  • All classes balanced and updated through buffs and nerfs.
  • Diversas dungeons ativas com rotação periódica través de enquetes no Discord.
  • The PVP will be tested in various ways so that it looks 100% balanced and fun for everyone

Discord: https://discord.gg/nVqTvfKX3e

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