The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (2022)

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (1)

Have you ever thought that your car is the best drift car and it can win some kind of racing series? Maybe slightly redesigned, with a more powerful engine and other modified parts. For example, she can jump steeply on bumps, turn left, or drift. So if you find your car on the list, then know that it is capable of something very beautiful.

If you're ever planning a drift car, it's much easier to do so if you know your options. The article below will help you select the best drift car for your needs.

  • 1. Lexus SC400
  • 2. Toyota Supra
  • 3. BMW M3
  • 4. Ford Mustang
  • 5. Toyota JZX
  • 6. Nissan Skyline R34
  • 7. Mazda MX-5 Miata
  • 8. Subaru Impreza
  • 9. Nissan Z series (350Z, 370Z)
  • 10. Nissan Silvia

10Nissan Silvia

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (2)

Year of release: 1965
Price: out of production since 2002

Modification S15 in the Japanese drift series D1GP has won 9 titles in different classes over the past 15 years. And if you add on the victories won by previous generations of Sylvia, then even as many as 17. At the same time, the S15 model was officially sold only in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, so it did not win a single champion title in the American series.

The secret of the car in the ability to drift is already in the factory. A 250-horsepower engine and an excellent balance of mass along the axes allow the car to easily break into a skid.

9Nissan Z series (350Z, 370Z)

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (3)

Year of release: 1983 (last generation - 2008)
Price: from $ 30,000

Another dominator in real life, only from the American Formula D series. 5 titles in 12 years in the hands of different pilots is also a good result. At the same time, no other car has won the championship more than once.

8Subaru Impreza

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (4)

Year of release: 1992 (last generation - 2016)
Price: from $ 18,400

Every motorsport fan is familiar with this car. The number of rally victories is amazing, but the Impreza has gained fame in other series where excellent handling is required. It seems that dashing slides on rally turns did not leave drift pilots indifferent - Subaru also took the championship title in the Japanese D1GP.

The Impreza is distinguished by a powerful turbocharged engine, as well as a smart drive system - when slipping, the thrust is automatically redistributed. The design is specially processed from the factory all-wheel drive only to the rear wheels to ensure the possibility of a skid.

7Mazda MX-5 Miata

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (5)

Year of release: 1989
Price: from $ 27,500

Another masterpiece of the Japanese car industry was created thanks to the special talent of the Japanese in drifting. The first release took place in 1989, but this car is still widely used in all major drifting competitions. Its advantage for drift lovers is that it is relatively easy to set up and the price is optimal. Technically, this is a good car, as its center of gravity is quite low, which provides good stability and stability on the track. However, sometimes he lacks the engine power to win titles in the drifting competition.

6Nissan Skyline R34

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (6)

Year of release: 1999 for R34, 2014 for Q50 (modern version)
Price: from $26,800 (Q50)

Probably not a single motorsport collection related to Japan (and the drift came from there) could not do without Godzilla. In general, Skyline has so many modifications that no one will be surprised even by the appearance of a spaceship in the lineup. But in drifting, the most popular model, especially among beginners, was the R34 model due to its rear-wheel drive and spring suspension.

5Toyota JZX

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (7)

Year of release: 1996
Price: out of production since 2000.

The JZX100 modification turned out to have an excellent turbocharged engine with a potential of over 1000 hp, and it also had an independent spring suspension - that's why the car fired. But the real problem is the weight of the car. Lightening this Toyota is a task for true champions, as is a competition after light coupes.

4Ford Mustang

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (8)

Year of manufacture: 1965 (current generation - 2015)
Price: from $25,185

Given the tradition of the American auto industry, designed primarily for high engine power, and not smooth handling, using the Mustang for drifting requires a lot of courage and refinement. But, on the other hand, the huge power of the same "muscular" engines carries a huge advantage in speed. So if you get down to business from the right side, then you can defeat the Japanese on their field.

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The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (9)

Year of release: 1985 (last generation - 2014)
Price: from $ 56,000

If you don’t know which car to start in motorsport, choose the BMW M3, you won’t be mistaken. It's the same here: it turns out that she can also drift - the title in the American series is attached.

Although M3 has collected such a huge number of titles wherever possible. The Germans simply made a universal car very light and perfectly balanced, and over the years of development of the line, so many different options for engines and other spare parts have appeared that the eyes just run up from the choice.

But the key reason for using this BMW for drifting was the presence of a limited-slip differential in the minimum configuration. It distributes power to the wheels and prevents the car from spinning and losing traction.

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2Toyota Supra

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (10)

Year of release: 1978 - Celica Supra, 1986 - Supra
Price: out of production since 2002

One of the best drift cars in real life, the list would be incomplete without it. Participated in all kinds of races from rallies to touring. It is very popular among tuning enthusiasts due to its progressive design and powerful filling to this day. And she always had what she needed "insides".

The first generation of the Supra received an engine from the 2000GT, which for a decade was considered the fastest car in Japan. Naturally, it was impossible to pass motorsport with such equipment, which provided other generations of the Supra with top-end power plants "to continue traditions."

As a result, the latest generations have an engine capable of delivering up to 1000 hp. with the right improvements. At the same time, pilots and ordinary motorists note the soft handling and oversteer, loved by many drifters. Even now, 15 years after the model was discontinued, almost one in ten still uses the Supra in RDS. The only problem is that the car needs to be seriously lightened before going to the start.

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1Lexus SC400

The 10 Best Drift Car In Real Life (11)

Year of manufacture: 1991
Price: from $ 8000

This car will seem perfect to you, as it has a huge 4.3-liter V8 engine and is rear-wheel drive. Having 300 horsepower is enough to become a drift monster. In addition, this car has a great look, which is suitable even for everyday driving. The Lexus SC400 is also a relatively affordable car in its price range. You don't need tens of thousands of dollars to get a great drift car.

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