[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (2022)

What is Forge for Minecraft?

Forge is a free tool that allows you to install mods and utilize them in Minecraft, sort of acting as a gateway. Leveling up your game with mods is something that has become so popular that there are thousands out there to choose from! This list will show you the best mods that are compatible with Forge to help you add something new and exciting to your Minecraft world!

10. Natura

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (1)Discover brand new trees like these!

If you’re looking for a mod that doesn’t stray too far from the vanilla game, Natura is perfect for you. It simply enhances the environment of Minecraft with subtle changes and additions like new plants and trees!

How it makes the game more fun:

  • This mod adds new trees like Maple, Eucalyptus, Willow, and more.
  • Discover different types of berries that can be eaten like blackberries and blueberries!
  • Naturaprovides new types of crops. One of these crops is barley which is a more efficient alternative to wheat!
  • Natura also adds changes to the Nether! You can find new mobs like the Imp and Nitro Creeper there!
  • You can also find environmental changes to the Nether such as new vegetation and trees. Expect to see Bloodwood trees, Thornvines, and more!

Get the mod HERE

9. Pam’s Harvestcraft

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (2)

(Video) Top 20 Mods that Make Minecraft Survival Even Better! [1.16.5][Forge]

Goodbye Farming Simulator, hello Pam's Harvestcraft!

This is the ultimate farming mod! Experience brand new crops, food items, and more to give your player a long-needed break from the bread and cooked pork chops they’ve eaten for the last ten years.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • Pam’s Harvestcraft provides 80 new crop variations! Most are for food resources but you can also find cotton which is useful for crafting string.
  • Catch several new types of fish with the vanilla fishing rod!
  • Become familiar with beekeeping and in turn be able to craft candle blocks, wax blocks, honey blocks, and more.
  • Harvest the new wild fruits that grow from trees, like plums, grapefruits, and pawpaws!
  • This mod also includes machine blocks! For example, the market block allows you to buy seeds, saplings, and animal spawn eggs in exchange for emeralds.

Get the mod HERE

8. Ice and Fire: Dragons

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (3)

Continue your Dragonborn adventures in Minecraft!

Yes, you read that right. This mod adds dragons! If you’re a fan of new mobs and fantasy-themed adventures, you’ve come to the right place.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • This mod adds several new creatures to the game, both neutral and hostile. Look out for trolls, fire dragons, death worms, pixies, and so much more!
  • Collect unique loot from each new mob, like the Cyclops skull or Death Worm chitin!
  • Find dragon eggs to hatch and raise your very own tame dragons!
  • Enjoy a new set of weapons and tools made out of silver, Dragon Bone, or Dragonsteel.
  • Speaking of new weapons, this mod adds itsown new types, like the Pixie Staff, which allows you to fire projectiles that lift enemies into the air.

Get the mod HERE

7. Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (4)Test your skills as an interior designer here!

(Video) 20 Lesser Known & Fun Minecraft 1.16.5 Forge Mods!

Are you sick of trying to convince yourself that stair block is a chair? Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod finally allows you to add tons of furniture and other cool gadgets to your base!

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • There are numerous different types of furniture items that can be crafted in this mod. Chairs, tables, cookie jars, curtains, you name it! (And yes, you can sit in the chairs.)
  • If you thought these items were purely decorative, you’d be wrong. The oven allows you to cook certain foods, the washing machine allows you to repair your armor, along with so many other functional blocks!
  • This mod also adds in a hint of technology. One of the coolest technological aspects would probably be the computer, which allows you to buy certain things off of a program called MineBay using emeralds!
  • If you were looking for more storage options, you’ve come to the right place. The refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and many others all allow you to store your loot in style.
  • There is also a myriad of items that are meant to solely make your base more appealing to the eye, like the white fence, birdbath, ceiling fan, and more.

Get the mod HERE

6. Biomes O’ Plenty

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (5)Perfect for those who are sick of building oak wood houses all the time

Biomes O’ Plenty adds tons of fresh biomes to the world of Minecraft without altering the base game too much. It is the perfect mod for those who are just getting started with modding, or for those who love the vanilla game but still want something new.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • There are over 60 new biomes and sub biomes added to the game with Biomes O’ Plenty! Ranging from Mystic Groves with purple water and colorful enchanted trees, to the Alps which are high, mountainous regions covered in snow, you never really know which biome you’ll come across next.
  • This mod also adds new biomes to the Nether, like the Withered Abyss, which is an extremely dark environment where Wither Skeletons can spawn naturally.
  • You will also notice new plants spawning, like Miner’s Delight flower which generates in caves, or the Glowshroom which can be found in the Nether!
  • You will also be able to collect new blocks, like the various different types of wood in each biome!
  • While there are many things to discover above the surface, there are also new types of ore to be found, like Amber and Malachite!

Get the mod HERE

5. Jurassicraft

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (6)

Haven't you always wanted to live in Jurassic Park? No? Just play it in Minecraft then!

Jurassicraft provides unique prehistoric gameplay like you’ve never seen and allows you to experiment with DNA to create dinosaurs!

(Video) Top 10 FORGE Mods (1.17.1) for Every Section of Minecraft | Alex's Mobs, Physics Mod, Croptopia

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • This mod allows you to essentially build your own Jurassic Park! Extract DNA found in fossils and amber to use in the process of spawning a baby dinosaur! Some of the dinosaurs that are currently included in the mod are the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and several others!
  • Test your scientific abilities by creating your dinosaur laboratory. Extract, analyze, and synthesize DNA with a complex plethora of lab equipment, tools, and blocks in order to create the perfect dinosaur specimen.
  • Jurassicraft also provides various plants to add to your prehistoric world, like the Bristle Fern and Cry Pansy.
  • There are also fully functional vehicles like the helicopter and Jeep Wrangler.
  • Decorate your own park or museum with the different decorative items Jurassicraft also has to offer. You can even construct your own dinosaur skeleton to display!

Get the mod HERE

4. Blood Magic

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (7)Not for the faint of heart!

Hone your skills in the dark arts and become powerful beyond your wildest beliefs with the Blood Magic mod. Be careful though, the magic you wield can prove to be very dangerous, and even deadly.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • There are various new features added by Blood Magic. One of these features are rituals, which are structures that grant abilities like preventing fall damage, item enchanting or creating a demon portal. Beware though, all of these will cost you Life Essence.
  • Brew new potions using the alchemy portions of the mod. These custom potions grant certain abilities, some good and some bad.
  • Blood Magic also offers several spells that branch into two different spell systems using either the Spell table or the Unbound Crystal. These spells range from simple to advanced and can provide abilities such as flight and jump boost.
  • Looking to wield even more abilities? Crafting sigils can award you with many different powers depending on the type. For instance, the Sigil of the Green Grove accelerates plant growth.
  • With this mod you will also be able to utilize new tools and armor as well. Use the Ritual of Binding or the Soul Forge to create Bound tools and armor that have no durability, but will drain your Life Essence.

Get the mod HERE

3. Botania

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (8)

No prior knowledge of botany required

Botania is an expansive tech mod that centers around the use of mystical flowers. Progress in this mod to be met with a variety of magical gadgets and machinery!

How this mod makes the game more fun:

(Video) Top 20 Client Side Mods for Minecraft 1.16.5 on Forge & Fabric!

  • Botania has too much content to summarize into a few bullet points, but for starters, this mod revolves around the use of different flowers that can be found scattered around your world to craft into petals. This is where Botania begins.
  • Utilize a new source of power called Mana, and use it as the lifeblood to all things crafted in this mod.
  • Create different tools and armor using new materials like manasteel, elementium, terrasteel and more.
  • Navigate your way through a bunch of different usable items that grant certain abilities, like the Horn of the Wild which breaks all grass, flowers, and crops nearby.
  • You can also craft the Botanical Brewery in order to brew new potions with effects like speed and regenerations.

Get the mod HERE

2. The Betweenlands

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (9)

Add something a bit more spooky than zombies and skeletons to your world...

Test your survival skills in an entirely different mysterious dimension and experience something completely unique to the world of Minecraft with new mobs, items, and structures.

How this mod makes the game more fun:

  • The Betweenlands offers a variety of new mobs, some peaceful and some aggressive. The mobs you may see spawning around this dimension range from the common frog to a Blood Snail that shoots poison at you.
  • There are also new bosses to look out for, like the Dreadful Peat Mummy which is a horrendous looking creature that can summon normal Peat Mummies or even snatch up its enemy!
  • You can also discover tons of new items that come with this mod, including new food, and equipment
  • Traveling The Betweenlands will show you the different biomes that the dimension has to offer, like the Sludge Plains or Swamplands.
  • This mod offers a truly immersive experience with new music and advancements!

Get the mod HERE

1. The Twilight Forest

[Top 10] Minecraft Best Mods For Forge (10)

No, there are no vampires in this dimension.Just new mobs, crazy adventures, and epic boss battles.

The Twilight Forest is another alternate dimension mod, but introduces its own experience truly different from any other. The only way to uncover all the secrets of this mystical realm is by playing in it!

How this mod makes the game more fun:

(Video) Top 40 Mods that Really Enhance Minecraft! [Vanilla+ 1.16.5]

  • This beautiful dimension is very peaceful and calming when you want it to be ashostile mobs do not naturally spawn on the surface of the Twilight Forest.
  • This mod promotes progression through boss fights and adventure, so if you’re in the mood for questing and combat you’ve come to the right place.
  • The entities in the Twilight Forest are adorable and unique. Expect to see tiny birds, squirrels, and wild deer roaming about when you venture here!
  • The bosses in this dimension are no joke, and all have their own appearances and deadly abilities!
  • The Twilight Forest has various biomes to offer, some similar to the Overworld and others completely unique to the dimension. For instance, you can travel across glaciers, enchanted forests, and fire swamps.

Get the mod HERE

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What is the best mod in Minecraft Forge? ›

The following are the best Minecraft mods for people eager to explore Minecraft worlds on their own.
  1. RLCraft. Minecraft version: 1.11.2 – 1.12.2. ...
  2. Farming Valley. Minecraft version: 1.10.2. ...
  3. JurassiCraft. Minecraft version: 1.8.9 – 1.12.2. ...
  4. The Lost Cities. Minecraft version: 1.11.2 – 1.12.2. ...
  5. SkyFactory 4. Minecraft version: 1.12.2.
5 Oct 2022

What are the top 5 mods for Minecraft? ›

Is forge good for Minecraft mods? ›

Minecraft Forge is the most popular Minecraft mod loader. To use or run some of the more popular mods, you will need to install Minecraft Forge. With mods, you can virtually add new content to the game.

When did 1.19 Minecraft come out? ›

The 1.19 update: The Wild is finally out in Minecraft. It was released on June 7, 2022.

What is the biggest Minecraft Mod? ›

The Biggest Modpack contains 25+ dimensions, 250+ biomes and 55000+ items. Mods will be updated and added new at each update. Modpack is unstable therefore server files are not included.

What is RLCraft? ›

RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack consisting of approximately 169 separate mods that have been bundled and tweaked to create a challenging Minecraft fantasy world. The modpack is currently on version 2.9. 1, and runs on Minecraft version 1.12. 2.

Is Minecraft mod free? ›

Unlocked: When you download the MOD version of Minecraft, you can play this game for free. In addition, all premium contents have been unlocked.

What mods are in better Minecraft? ›

Better Minecraft Forge: Mod list
  • Dungeon Crawl (by XIROC1337)
  • AmbientSounds 3 (by CreativeMD)
  • Fresh Animations (by FreshLX_official)
  • Aquaculture 2 (by Shadowclaimer)
  • Better Advancements (by way2muchnoise)
  • Biomes O' Plenty (by Forstride)
  • Guard Villagers (by almightytallestred)
  • Additional Lanterns (by SuperMartijn642)

Is Fabric or forge better? ›

Forge is performance-heavy. If you have a computer that can't run high-demanding games, Fabric might be the best choice. For example, if you play Minecraft on your everyday laptop, Fabric is the better choice. However, Forge is probably a better option if you have a gaming PC.

Is OptiFine or sodium better? ›

In conclusion, both these mods are extremely useful and convenient. If players solely want better FPS and smoothness, they can opt for Sodium. However, if they want extra useful features in a single mod, they can choose OptiFine instead.

Does OptiFine work with Forge? ›

OptiFine will run on Forge just like a normal game mod. You can now use additional in-game mods while enjoying the enhanced graphics quality by the shader of your choice. Note that you should also take into account mod compatibility.

Does Minecraft 1.19 have mods? ›

However, if players are looking for somewhere to start, it doesn't hurt to take a look at some of the most popular mods out there. There are several mods available for Minecraft 1.19. 2, and they can enhance nearly any player's experience. Below, players can find a few top mods for 1.19.

What is the best version for mods? ›

1.12. 2 is the best version for modpacks. And 1.8. 9 is the best mod for the PvP community.

What mods does all the mods 6 have? ›

What mods are in the modpack All the Mods 6?
  • FTB Utilities, FTB Lib.
  • Simply Jetpacks 2.
  • Advanced Generators, Advanced Machines, Advanced Rocketry, Advanced Solar Panels.
  • AppleCore, AppleSkin.
  • Architecture Craft.
  • Bagginses.
  • Biomes O'Plenty.
  • Blood Arsenal, Blood Magic.

What will 1.20 be in Minecraft? ›

The End Update is a major Minecraft Update released on August 6th, 2023. It completely overhauls and revamps The End Dimension and adds a massive amount of content.

How do you tame allay? ›

Taming an Allay in Minecraft is exceptionally simple and straightforward. To do so, hold any item and give it to an Allay. This action will cause the Allay to follow its newfound owner wherever they go. However, if the object is taken away from Allay, it will no longer accompany the player.

What did Minecraft 1.19 2 add? ›

We're now releasing 1.19. 2 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This release fixes a critical issue related to server connectivity with secure chat.

Are Minecraft mods safe? ›

While Minecraft mods are usually pretty safe, there are always risks involved with downloading and installing files that you find on the Internet. Some of the most important concerns are: The mod itself might contain malware, spyware, or a virus.

Is RLCraft laggy? ›

RLCraft uses a mod called "Lycanite Mobs" to generate new and dangerous creatures to your world. These monsters can be a real challenge to take down and provide an extra level to exploring in the modpack. Excessive mob spawning is normally the cause for lag issues like "Ghost Blocks" and "Block Lag".

Does RLCraft cost money? ›

The price for the rl craft server hosting with Scala Cube is in the range between $10 for 20 slots and $192 for 600 slots on a monthly basis.

Is RLCraft too hard? ›

RLCraft is infamous for being among the most difficult Minecraft mods. Here's how complete beginners can get started on their survival journey. Minecraft has its fair share of mods and modpacks. Anything the player wants to try is most likely out there in some way, shape, or form.

Is Minecraft 1.19 out? ›

1.19, the first release of The Wild Update, is a major update to Java Edition, released on June 7, 2022. The update was first announced on October 16, 2021, during Minecraft Live 2021.

Is Minecraft offline? ›

* You'll need an Internet connection the first time you launch a game, but after that you can play offline without any issues.

Are CurseForge mods safe? ›

The bottom line is that using CurseForge (Website or app) is safe and widely regarded as the most accountable source for mods and addons.

Is Forge or CurseForge better? ›

It seems that curseforge is better for assembling singeplayer modpacks while forge is more permanent additions to whatever you are playing.

How many mods does forge have? ›

One repository website, CurseForge, features over 100,000 mods as of March 2022. The types and sorts of content added by these modifications also take on many different forms.

Do Minecraft mods cost money? ›

Mods for the non-Java version of Minecraft are called add-ons, and they aren't free. You buy them from the Minecraft store, which you can access from inside the game.

› watch ›

Regardless of how you play the game, these 10 Minecraft mods are absolutely amazing to play with. Ranging from quality of life mods to simple performance imp...
The Minecraft modding community is as active as it is sprawling and fractured, but their amazing creations do everything from minor tweaks to complete overhauls...

10 Best Minecraft Mods for 2022

https://www.hp.com › us-en › shop › tech-takes › best-mi...
https://www.hp.com › us-en › shop › tech-takes › best-mi...
Are you looking for the next cool trends in Minecraft? Breathe new life into your gameplay this year with HP® Tech Takes' list of 10 best Minecraft mods for...

What is the most fun Minecraft mod? ›

The best Minecraft mods
  • Pam's HarvestCraft Mod. ...
  • Minecraft: FastCraft Mod. ...
  • Aether 2: Genesis of the Void. ...
  • The Lost Cities. ...
  • Crafting Dead Minecraft Mod. ...
  • Optifine. ...
  • Useful Backpacks. ...
  • Corail Tombstone.
4 May 2021

What mods does Aphmau use? ›

  • MC Diaries.
  • Mod Mod World.
  • MyStreet.
  • Mod Mod World.
  • My Inner Demons.

Which Minecraft is better for mods? ›

Minecraft 1.12. 2 is by far the best version for modding. Over the years people have created “future version" mods (Mods that take the newer features from more modern versions and bring them to 1.12. 2) thus keeping the game fresh and modding compatible.

Does Optifine work with Forge? ›

OptiFine will run on Forge just like a normal game mod. You can now use additional in-game mods while enjoying the enhanced graphics quality by the shader of your choice. Note that you should also take into account mod compatibility.

What is the strongest boss in Minecraft with mods? ›

I know most of it will be orespawn or godzilla mod, but they're the strongest guys.
  1. 1 The Queen - Orespawn. ...
  2. 2 Witherzilla - Titans Mob Mod. ...
  3. 3 The King - Orespawn. ...
  4. 4 Burning Godzilla - Godzilla. ...
  5. 5 Ultimate King - Orespawn. ...
  6. 6 Godzilla - Godzilla.

Do Minecraft mods cost money? ›

Mods for the non-Java version of Minecraft are called add-ons, and they aren't free. You buy them from the Minecraft store, which you can access from inside the game.

How do you hug in Minecraft? ›

Instead of hitting, as if you were placing a block, you would end up hugging that player. Now there may be some speculation about space. They both must agree on hugging. So... they both press the button to place a block on each other, only it results in a friendly hug.

Can I mod vanilla Minecraft? ›

Enhance Minecraft With These Vanilla Mods (Minecraft 1.19+) - YouTube

What mod gives you wings in Minecraft? ›

The wings are obtained through mixing varied ingredients with Slow Falling potions, as listed below: Fairy (Oxeye Daisy) Monarch Butterfly (Orange Dye) Slime (Slimeball)

Is Minecraft 1.18 good for mods? ›

Minecraft is enjoyable on its own, but adding a few mods here and there can make things even more entertaining for a player. With Minecraft version 1.18. 2 releasing, many modders have released new mods or updated their previous works to accommodate the new changes made in-game.

Which Minecraft PC is best? ›

Both Minecraft versions offer benefits players should consider before committing. If you're a PC player that wants to experiment with mods and only want to play with other Java players, this version is for you. If you plan on playing Minecraft or console or with friends on consoles, go with the Bedrock Edition.

Is Bedrock or Java better? ›

Generally speaking, if you want the most stable performance, the general consensus in the Minecraft community seems to be that Bedrock offers a smoother, more stable experience over Java--regardless of whether your PC qualifies as a potato or cutting-edge technology.

Is OptiFine 1.19 out yet? ›

Got the Vanilla cape today!!! #OptiFine 1.19. 2 H9 has been released.

Does OptiFine improve FPS? ›

OptiFine generally increases the FPS (200%+ is common) and in the worst case it should be the same as vanilla Minecraft.

Can you use shaders with Forge? ›

Once the game has launched, follow these steps: Click Options then Video Settings . Click Shaders… as shown in the image above. In the Shaders menu, choose the shader you want to activate.

› Gaming ›

Get the most out of your Minecraft world by installing the best mods that we bring you today. Here are 25 best Minecraft Mods worth trying.

The best Minecraft mods

https://www.digitaltrends.com › Gaming › Guides
https://www.digitaltrends.com › Gaming › Guides
There are tons of mods available for Mojang's building title. We've sifted through the masses and found all of the best Minecraft mods compatible with v...
Mods in Minecraft have long been popular additions to the game and 2020 saw a massive influx of them with gamers stuck at home with more time on their hands to ...


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