Ukraine war live - Russia 'ready for negotiations' - if West meets conditions; Putin's 'private army' recruiting 'convicts with diseases' (2022)

Key points
  • Moscow says it is ready for negotiations - if the West 'offers some serious approaches'
  • Joe Biden says Russia's decision to suspend grain export deal is 'outrageous' and would increase starvation
  • Russia pulled out of deal with Ukraine after drone strike in Crimea
  • Putin's 'private army' is recruiting convicts with 'HIV and hepatitis C' for Ukraine war
  • Ukraine War Diaries: Listen to the latest episode as Russian power play plunges Ukraine into darkness
  • Watch live on Tuesday night: Ukraine - A Modern War, broadcast from the Imperial War Museum
  • Updates from John Sparks in eastern Ukraine and Dominic Waghorn in Moscow. Live updates by Emily Mee


More than 101,000 Ukrainians have arrived in UK - but scheme has been criticised for being 'a giant sea of ineptitude'

A Homes for Ukraine sponsor hoping to host a colleague from Kyiv has described the process as "a giant sea of ineptitude and delays", as the Russian invasion passes the eight-month mark.

According to data up to 24 October from the Home Office, 101,200 Ukrainians have arrived in the UK under the scheme since its launch in March following various application approvals and checks.

But some have called for clarity on the future of the scheme, including groups who claim concern is growing that it is being "quietly phased out".

Tom Hayes-Isaacs, 37, based in Haringey, north London, and his husband James, 33, began the process to house a friend who runs a youth HIV charity in Ukraine's capital on 23 August.

They have faced delays, including, they say, when the Home Office withdrew their friend's visa application without telling her when she put an email address in the wrong box.

Mr Hayes-Isaacs, who works in marketing for an HIV charity, said "It was a really simple mistake. The whole thing has been just a giant sea of ineptitude and delays."

Mr Hayes-Isaacs said the application has finally been "signed off now", and they hope to welcome their friend in the next couple of weeks.

Despite describing the process as a "nightmare", he maintains that it is "incredibly important" that both the government and the public continue to provide safe homes for those fleeing Ukraine.

"As we've seen in recent days, the destruction of Ukraine's energy grid... the war is still intensifying," he said.

"It's not a safe country people live in, and we should be providing homes for our European neighbours to escape to, just as generations before us have done."

A spokesperson for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities said: "We have now welcomed 101,200 Ukrainians to the UK through our Homes for Ukraine scheme and issued 138,900 visas, making it one of the biggest UK visa schemes in history.

"Our work to streamline the visa process, including simplifying the forms and boosting staff numbers, is working and visas continue to be processed as a priority."


Turkey in talks with Ukraine and Russia in attempt to revive grain deal

(Video) Defected Russian soldier describes life inside Putin's war in Ukraine

Turkish officials are trying to get Russia back on board after it withdrew from a UN-brokered deal to allow grain shipments from Ukraine.

Moscow suspended its participation yesterday, saying it was as a result of a drone strike in Crimea.

Turkey's defence minister Hulusi Akar said both sides should avoid any "provocation" that could affect the deal.

Shipments of grain from Ukraine's Black Sea ports had halted during the invasion, but the deal allowed tonnes of food to be shipped out to the world.


Russia says US 'disregarded' allegations about UK

Moscow has hit out at the US for its response to a drone strike in Crimea yesterday.

Russia's ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said: "Washington's reaction to the terrorist attack on the port of Sevastopol is truly outrageous."

He criticised America's lack of condemnation of what it called "reckless actions by the Kyiv regime".

Russia has accused Ukraine of launching the attack on its Black Sea fleet - which it said damaged one ship - but Ukraine has denied this.

The Kremlin also alleged the UK helped Ukraine to plan the strike - something that was also not commented on by the US.

Mr Antonov said: "All the indications that the British military specialists were involved in organizing the massive strike with the use of drones, are disregarded [by the US]."

The UK has denied the allegation and said Moscow is trying to deflect attention from its struggles on the battlefield.


In pictures: Ukrainian soldiers inspect damaged Russian tank

These striking photos show a Russian tank surrounded by debris in the recently retaken village of Kamianka in Ukraine's Kharkiv region.

(Video) The War With Ukraine Is Coming Home to Russians


NATO calls on Russia to urgently renew its role in grain export deal

NATO has called on Russia to urgently renew its participation in a grain export deal after the country decided to pull out of the agreement on Saturday.

In a plea to Moscow, the military alliance has asked Vladimir Putin to reconsider his decision to enable food to "reach those who need it most".

"President Putin must stop weaponising food and end hisillegal war on Ukraine," NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu said.

"We call on Russia to reconsider its decision and renew the deal urgently, enabling food to reach those who need it most."

Russia suspended its role in the UN-brokered deal after it accused Kyiv of conducting a "terrorist attack" on a fleet of Black Sea ships in Crimea.

Signed in July, the pact had been allowing shipments of Ukrainian grain to be exported from blockaded ports.


Russia claims it has recovered drones used in Crimea attack

The Russian Defence Ministry says it has recovered and analysed the wreckage of drones used in Crimea yesterday.

It claimed the attack caused minor damage to one of its Black Sea Fleet ships.

Analysis showed the drones were equipped with Canadian-made navigation modules, the ministry said.

It also alleged yesterday that the attack was carried out by Ukraine under British leadership.

Russia's Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said he will defend what Russian territory by any means necessary.

(Video) Ukrainian woman reveals the question Russian soldiers 'always' asked

Crimea, which is in the south of Ukraine, was annexed by Moscow in 2014.


Russia has 'detonated key bridge in Luhansk region'

A Ukrainian official has said Russia detonated the Krasna Bridge in the eastern Luhansk region today - an apparent attempt to hamper Ukrainian forces.

Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Haidai said Russian forces are "afraid" that the Ukrainians are "very close" as the counteroffensive in the region continues.

Russian forces also reportedly blew up another bridge near Kreminna yesterday.

Heavy fighting has been taking place in the Luhansk region as Ukraine pushes towards the Russian-occupied towns of Svatove and Kreminna.

Yesterday we reported that the road between the towns is largely under the control of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian authorities.

The bridge is roughly halfway between the two towns.


Ukraine's internet army of 'fellas' are using dog memes to fight Russian propaganda

It may be NATO sending missiles and tanks to Ukraine, but on social media an information war is being fought by a rowdy band of online comrades called NAFO. Meet the fellas.

NAFO - or the North Atlantic Fella Organisation - are on the front lines of a fight against Russian propaganda and have raised a million dollars for Ukraine's armies on the real world battlefield.

They hound Russian officials on Twitter and ensure those who spout lies about the war are met with a horde of cartoon Shiba Inu dogs mocking them.

But beyond the jokes and memes, the "fellas" have raised huge sums to buy ammunition and vehicles for the Ukrainian resistance.

Read more from our foreign news reporter Michael Drummond here...

(Video) Russia and China hold talks in the shadow of Ukraine war


Ukrainian MP's seven-year-old son 'knows what to do in a nuclear attack'

If you were watching our Sophy Ridge on Sunday show earlier, you may have seen Inna Sovsun's impactful interview.

The Ukrainian MP said that while heading to an underground shelter, her seven-year-old son had asked her: "Mum, am I going to die?"

"I had to be very calm and say no, I’mdoing my best to protect you," she said.

"But trust me, this is not the question you want to be answering to a kid at any point in time and then when we reached the metro station, he looked at me again and said to me: 'Mum, are those bombs that we are hearing, are those the nuclear bombs or the regular ones?'"

When she explained they were regular bombs, her son had "proudly" told her: "I know what happens in a nuclear attack because that is what we learned at school."

Ms Sovsun continued: "And that is again something you never want to hear from your childbut he said 'yes, we had instructions about what to do and I will tell you what to do in case you forget'."


Russia expands list of 'unfriendly countries' to include territory with population of only around 50

The Russian government has expanded its list of countries and territories which are "unfriendly", including 11 British overseas territories.

The list now includes:

  • Bermuda
  • British Antarctic Territory
  • British Indian Ocean Territory
  • Cayman Islands
  • Falkland Islands
  • Montserrat
  • Pitcairn Islands
  • Islands of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • Akrotiri and Dhekelia

Three British territories were already considered "unfriendly" to Russia - Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar.

It's worth noting that the Pitcairn Islands, in the southern Pacific Ocean, have a population of only about 50 people.


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